The Future of Cover or Tarp Management is Here

Golf courses, sports complexes, equestrian centers, farms and construction companies use tarps and covers to protect their turf, crops, grounds and projects.

Traditionally, deploying and gathering tarps and covers is a labor intensive job taking hours of valuable time away from other important work. Additionally, all that manual handholding makes it more likely for tarps and covers to tear, reducing the lifespan of these important assets.

Tarp and cover users know the frustration with storage. Once tarps and covers are re-rolled, they take up significant storage room because once you take a new covering out of the bag it’s almost impossible to get it back in.

That’s where TarpDevil comes in.

TarpDevil is a custom engineered tarp and cover roller that reduces labor cost, increases the lifespan of tarps and covers through proper handling and storage, and increases storage space. Our customers have reduced their tarp and cover storage by more than 30% by using TarpDevil.

See it in action!

Rather than relying solely on people to manage these necessary coverings, this patented mechanical roller will streamline your processes and provide a rapid return on investment. Not only that but after delivery, your TarpDevil is ready to go out of the crate, and easily hitches on to any tractor.

Interested in how TarpDevil can save you time and money?

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