“We had been covering our greens for several seasons when I first saw the TarpDevil video online.  We had been very interested in creating a way to roll and deploy covers as managing them is one of the more difficult aspects to covering greens.  After contact with the TarpDevil crew and a meeting at GIS in San Antonio in 2018, I placed an order for a spring delivery. 

The TarpDevil performed exactly how we hoped it would and increased the productivity of our crew instantly.  Instead of everyone pitching in to roll up the cover and bag it, half (yes half) of the crew now stays at the green and rolls up our insulation layer.  Suffice to say, we were able to greatly reduce the time it took to uncover a green.  In addition, a big bonus to using the Tarp Devil is that our covers roll up factory tight and as a result, we have reduced the storage area by about a third making room for other assets.  Without question, TarpDevil has been a valuable addition to the golf course , fleet and crew at Ekwanok.”

Alden Maddocks, Superintendent of Grounds

Ekwanok Country Club

Manchester, Vermont, USA


“There is nothing exciting about removing covers. I heard about the TarpDevil and immediately imagined it fitting into our operation at Muskoka Lakes. This spring we definitely saw the benefits of the TarpDevil coming shining through during our removal process. It was done in less time, with less labour which allowed us to get to other important spring tasks more quickly benefitting our membership. Based on our experience, we couldn’t be more pleased with our TarpDevil purchase and would recommend it to anyone managing covers on a golf course.”

Jim Flett, Golf Superintendent

Muskoka Lakes Golf and Country Club

Port Carling, Ontario, CANADA

2017 President, Canadian Golf Superintendents Association


“I love it when a piece of equipment does exactly what the manufacturer promises it will! 

During our removal processes this spring at Eagle Creek, we saw the benefits of TarpDevil immediately. The entire process was done in far less time and the rolling process was clean and tight.  Based on our experiences, we are ecstatic with our purchase and TarpDevil is a no brainer for anyone wanting to save time, labour and the aggravation associated with managing covers!”

Brady Pink, Golf Superintendent

Eagle Creek Golf Club

Ottawa, Ontario, CANADA